Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An update

Just thought I would quick updated everyone. Monday, Sophia had her recheck for her eye. It was horrible! Not for her, but because the Dr was AGAIN TERRIBLE!!! Thanks to Andrea, I have the name of the person I need to contact to complain. Her appointment was at 1pm and the Dr. didn't come into the room until about 10 to 2!!!! She still isn't sure what is going on with her eye so then she calls the eye dr and says, oh they will see you in about 15 mins! Plus I needed to switch her formula because she hadn't been burping or pooping very well for us. So finally the dr comes back in and I tell her, I can't take her to the eye dr in 15 mins, because you were 50 mins late, I have 10 mins before my Neuro appt!! Then she goes, Oh I wish you would have told me! HELLO!!!! You never said that we were going to have to go to see him today!!!! Anyway, then she leaves again for about 10 mins and comes back and is rude and says well you can't go there today you have to go tomorrow morning as a walk in. Fine with me!

Then I go to my neuro appt. which I was right on time for, get there, sit for 5 mins, see my dr, who is awesome. He gives me my options and I agree with him, so now I am on meds everyday to prevent headaches and a better medicine to take care of the ones I am getting. As of right now, he told me I will have a rough couple of days because I was having to take my other meds everyday so I will probably have rebound headaches from not taking that one! But if that is what I have to do to make these horrible headaches go away I will deal with it.

We go back in Tuesday to the eye dr. He was concerned that she might have a skin infection on her eye lid, but that isn't the case. He is thinking it might be birth trama, but isn't sure, so because he wants to put our mind and his at ease, he is sending us out in town to a pediatric eye dr. Which makes me happy that someone used to looking at kid's eyes will be seeing her. I then went up to labor and delivery for my blood pressure check. Since about Saturday it had been low so I stopped taking my blood pressure meds and it was PREFECT so I got the okay to stop taking them! Yeppie!!!!!

Then today.....WIC is HORRIBLE here! The dr. wrote the prescription for Sophia's new formula, Gentlease because it easier to digest and break down, yeah well they are like, we don't have that so , this one is pretty much just like it and give us Lactosfree....which would be fine with me, but they give us the concentrate liquid form, not the powder!!!!!! Are you serious???? I am so done with Mississippi!!! That just made me hate it here even more than I normally do!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jennifer C said...

That stuff is NOT the same...IDIOTS!