Sunday, May 31, 2009


Look tuned to this upcoming week for a bunch of new posts and updates. We were in Wisconsin for 2 weeks and got home last week, but I was trying to get everything back to normal! Now that I have some time, you will have some updates about what we have all been up to! Our trip, dr's appts, softball, the pool and our up and coming move! Stay tuned!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Keegan and his Best Buddy!

Just wanted to share a cute picture quick of Keegan and his best bud Brodie!

Blue Angels!

Yesterday, Chad, Keegan, Sophia, my friend Cara and I headed to New Orleans for the air show! It was a great day, hot but the wind was blowing! Keegan had a blast, even if he did basicly fall asleep right before the Angels took the show....but we got him up in time! Keegan got to see and go into a ton of helicopters and airplanes which is what he has been in love with for the past couple weeks so he was in heaven! Sophia did GREAT. We thought the loud jets would bother her more, but she did pretty good as long as we were covering her ears! All of us, except for maybe Keegan and Sophie came home with sunburn somewhere on us, Chad on the top of his head, Mellissa on her legs and shoulders and Cara in all of the places she missed putting sunscreen! It was nice to get out and away from Gulfport for the day! We all had a Great time!

A blue Angel formation

Getting ready to fly

Keegan with his ear things on

Little Keegan in front of a BIG plane!

A tank

Ina C135

Driving the plane!

In front of his rescue helicopter!

April Fun!

Here are some pictures of all the fun stuff we have done the last couple of weeks during the day! It is hard to get used to having 2 kids in the house, but we are managing pretty good I think. Keegan is having a hard time sharing our attention, but is slowly getting better. Keegan, Sophia and I have joined a playgroup and meet with a bunch of other moms and kids each Wednesday afternoon and do a bunch of fun stuff. This past Wednesday we went to the beach and this Wednesday we are headed to the Splash Pad Park! We have also spent some time at the park, hanging out around the house and Keegan is playing tball again! I have started to workout and Chad is starting to get us ready for our up and coming move to Maryland! Things are starting to fall in place here now with 2 little ones in the house, it is crazy but so much fun at the same time!

Enjoying Lunch at the Beach

Sophie taking in the beach the best way she knows how!

Keegan at his first offical game for tball

At the park, Keegan takes Sophie down the slide!

She is the little sister!

Getting some tummy time!

He loves being a big brother!