Friday, November 6, 2009

Bad Blogger

I am a bad bad blogger! My mom and grandma have been in town and I started my new job as a welcome desk representative. (receptionist) at Nighttime Care Center, an urgent care place here in Maryland. I promise I will post this weekend tons of updates and pictures!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jobs, Stairs, and Fun!

We have had a busy last couple of days! Starting last week, I had 2 interviews on Thursday. One I had scheduled with Build-a-Bear Workshop at the mall for Thursday evening. The other one was a phone interview. Nighttime Peds. called to do a phone interview. Both interviews went great. Nighttime Peds. set up another in person interview for Saturday afternoon. I then got a call Friday night already asking if I would like to accept a job at build-a-bear. I told them I would let them know over the weekend. Really I was waiting to see how the one for Nighttime Peds. went. Saturday came around and the interview went great and I was set up to do a job shadow for Monday for the shift that I would be working, which is 430pm to 1230am (but they end up staying there till about 2am when they are really busy). I did that shadow Monday night and it went awesome! Very fast paced and never a dull moment. Nighttime Peds. is an Urgent Care Clinic. The doctors see peds and adult patients too. I am looking at doing the front desk, receptionist stuff. I got a last call back yesterday and set up my final interview for today at 430pm. I am assuming today I will find out if I have the job, which I am pretty confident about.

Then last Friday, one of my best friends in Gulfport, who is from Hershey, PA, called and asked if we wanted to meet her up in Hershey at Chocolate world! It just so happened that Keegan had the day off of school so of course I took her up on the offer! So we drove the hour and half or so up there, had a great time at Chocolate World in Hershey, then Keegan, Sophia and I went to walk around the outlets up there and drove home! Which was HORRIBLE!! With my GPS gone, I had to map quest directions and just figured I would follow them backwards on the way home, BAD IDEA!! We left Hershey at 430 and didn't get home until 7:45 because I got lost! Sophia and Keegan were both crying the car, I was crying! It was the worst!

And the last thing adventure we have had was Sophia falling down the stairs yesterday! I don't know how she got around the gate, but she did and down she went. I just heard thump, thump, thump, a crash and then her start crying!! I as freaking out!!! She has a bump on the back of her head and a little scratch that was bleeding but other than that she is good!

That has been our excitment the last week or so.

My mom and grandma are coming to visit Monday for a week so that will be a lot of fun! Plus Halloween is next week and Keegan has a field trip to the pumpkin patch. I am kind of bummed because I can't go along, but I know he will have a GREAT time.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oct 15. Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day

Today was Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day. A day for families to remember their angels up in heaven.

For those of you who don't know, we lost a little one August 2, 2007. My due date was April 1, 2008. I was 6 weeks pregnant when Chad had to rush me to the ER and we were told there was no fetal pole and that I had lost the pregnancy.

Here we are 2 1/2 years later with our little Sophia. Who knows where we would or how our life would be different if I wouldn't have miscarried, but God does everything for a reason. I just find it ironic that Sophia was born April 1, 2009, on the due date of our angel baby.

I lit a candle tonight at 7pm in for our angel along with other families across the world to set off a wave of light up to heaven.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Our weekend

This weekend started out GREAT! We headed to fall fest at Kinderfarm Park. We had a ton of fun! Keegan got his face painted, we watched a dog frisbee contest, Keegan did some crafts and played some games. Even though the weather was off and on raining we had a good time! Fast forward to Sunday morning, we are ready for church and go out the car and Chad asked what the heck I did! I said nothing and looked in the car. The glove box was open, as was the middle console and sun glass holder! My car was broken into. The one time we forget to lock it!! Chad normally messes with me and keeps hitting the button trying to get me to hurry up! All they got was my gps, BUT the gps out here is our life! We don't know where anything is without it!!! I called and filed a police report and a claim through out insurance. I am supposed to get a call no later then today from the claims guy through our insurance, but this really sucks. It just gets me thinking, God will never give you more than you can handle, but are you serious God??? We are broke as it is, now this is one more thing to add on top of it!

We will be getting our new GPS as soon we get the check from our insurance! And hopefully I will be getting the job at buildabear that I interview for on Wednesday! It is just so hard to know because the only time we go home is the week of Christmas and that is when most retailers want people to work! I will be able to work Black Friday and all that so maybe that will make up for it! I hope, please send your prayers this way that I get this job!! I really need a job to help us out so we can have some extra money for Christmas and to be able to do fun things so we aren't so broke all the time!

oh yeah and check on the posts below with updated pictures of Sophie and videos of both the kiddos.

More updates videos

Here are some videos! Make sure you check on the pictures in the post below this one.

Sophia Picture updates!

Just wanted to finally post the pictures of Sophia doing her many things! I haven't been on much lately, things have been busy here, but here are the pictures:

Starting to get into trouble already!

Getting in to tight spots!

First time in the swings at the park!

Are you kidding me?? Pulling her self up to a stand already at 6 months! We are in trouble!

This is how she feeds herself now....that is when she decides to eat a whole bottle!

Going down for a nap with her baby doll!

And this is how I found her when she woke up!

Into more trouble!

And more trouble! She found the doggie bowls and water!

A special brother/sister time....don't let the picture tell any lies! This only lasted about 10 secs until she wanted to rip the paper!

Picture via Keegan! Sophia's first time using a sippy cup and she did pretty good!

Finally sitting up! 6 months!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Short Answers

So I am really late on this and missed last week! But better late then never!

Mommy:What is your most cherished memory?
Keegan: ummm.....
Mommy: Cherished means like specail
Keegan: Going to the aquarium.

Mommy: How old is Mommy?
Keegan: 14 and a half!!!

Mommy: Do you like the sun or the snow better?
Keegan: The Snow!
Mommy: Why do you like the snow better?
Keegan: Because, so I can throw snowballs at you!

Mommy: If you could have any super power what would it be?
Keegan: ummmm....make it snow

Mommy: Where do Norwegians live?
Keegan: I don't know.
Mommy: Norwegians are people like us.
Keegan: Boston!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

6 Months!!!

Our little baby girl is 6 months today! It is so hard to believe it has been 6 months already. She has been doing so much for the past month or so that it is unbelievable. She has been crawling around the house getting into tons and tons of trouble. She started pulling up on to her knees. So much that I had to lower the crib down because I found her peering over the top! She has started veggies, green beans, carrots and squash and in the last 2 days she has started bananas. She LOVES to eat and hollers at you when you don't feed her fast enough.

She went this morning to her 6 month well-baby appointment. She is 15lbs 12oz, 26 inches long and her head circumference is 17 inches. Her doctor is happy with what she is doing gross motor wise, but we have to keep an eye on her babbling and laughing. We know she can laugh we have heard her do it, but she isn't like most babies who will just laugh at anything. We joke and say that she just doesn't find us or anything we do too funny. She also isn't babbling to us at all. She just does this high pitch screaming talking thing. It is hard to explain. Next time she does it I will have to get a video. The doctor said that if by her next well baby appointment at 9 months she isn't really babbling at all we will do some tests. She is hearing fine and turns when we call her name and startles at loud noises so I think because she is so ahead on her gross motor skills that she might just be a little behind on cognitive skills and with her being tongue tied until 3 months that might have something to do with it. But other than that she is doing GREAT and got 4 shots! She has been asleep since about 6pm so I am hoping we have a good night tonight and I wouldn't be up with her around midnight!

In the next couple of days I will post some of the pictures that I haven't posted yet. Her eating veggies for the first time, pulling up to her knees and just some other random cute pictures!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Apple Pickin'

Today after long thought about if I really wanted to drive an hour away to pick some apples I decided we should go. Keegan has not ever picked apples so I figured why not, plus it was a great day. It wasn't hot and it wasn't cold. It was a pretty fall day! Earlier in the summer we had picked blue berries in Mississippi so I think he kind of knew what to expect.

We had to drive from our house in Arnold about an hour away to the other side of Baltimore to Westminster. I didn't realize how close we actually were to Pennsylvania while we were there until the drive home. We were only about 30 mins away! Anyway, we went to this GREAT Apple Orchard called Baugher's. They have way more than just apples, depending on the season there are peaches, strawberries, pumpkins and a bunch of other stuff you can go and pick. We might have to go back at a different time to pick some other things.

When we got to the farm we had to jump on the wagon and they took us out to the orchard. Keegan loves going on the wagon and getting pulled by the tractor. Once we got off they have boxes you pick up and then you are off to go get your apples.

There were a about 4 different kinds of apples you could pick. We chose Red Delicious and Golden Delicious. Here are some pictures of Keegan picking his apples. He had to pick all of the little ones. He said those were just for him! After I explained to him how to pick a good one he was on his own!

Sophia wanted to get in on the act so bad. She kept pulling at the leaves on the trees!

A whole box of apples just for him!

After we went to stand in line to pay for our apples we headed to the petting farm they had. On the way Keegan insisted on having one of his apples! We had to walk down a hill to get to the animals and on our way we found a lamb just out eating some grass. I asked Keegan how close he thought he could get before it ran away and he didn't think he could get to close, but wouldn't you know, he got all the way up to it and was petting it. It was too funny becausehe was trying so hard to not let the lamb get his apple!

Once we got to the animals. Keegan found the kittens. He is such an animal lover and I know will grow up and do something for or having to do with animals. Here he is loving up on a little kitten.

He thought the pig felt funny.

Sophia wasn't cute sure what to think about the pig.

Both Keegan and I thought it was funny that this turkey is HUGE and is 6 months old just like Sophia!

The donkey that took a bite of Keegan's jacket!

Llama Llama Red Pajama!

This was BEFORE the calf took a bit out of Keegan's apple that was in the stroller! I was trying to get a picture of Sophia, Keegan and the calf! Well, he found the apple and it was downhill from there!

We had a GREAT time at the apple orchard and are loving our crisp apples!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

What a week!!

What a week it has been!! Where do I start??

Last Friday night we headed to the Anne Arundel County fair! We all had a pretty good time! Chad and I had crab cake sandwiches and Keegan had a cheeseburger. Then walked around and looked at the animals and all the stands, which for as big of a county that it is, the fair was pretty small. And then of course we headed off to the rides! We had to talk Keegan on to going on to the first big ride. He was excited to go on all his little rides, it was just this one that he wasn't sure of. We finally got him on it And he was excited!

Monday it was back to school for Keegan and I started to get ready for my yard sale while Keegan was at school and Sophia slept! After school we spent the day outside waiting for Daddy to get home. Keegan got out his tball stuff and was playing ball while Sophia and I sat in the grass and watched.

Wednesday was a scary. I was debating whether to write about this or not, but hey other people could learn from my lesson so why not. I was with Sophia at the Commissary (grocery store for the nonmilitary folks). Keegan was at school. Sophia started to get fussy so I took her out car seat and was carrying where while the cashier figured out why the register kept telling her Sophia's formula wasn't a WIC item. After we finally finished checking out I put her back in her seat without buckling her in and went out to the car. I had put all the groceries away and turned to open the car door to put Sophia in. In that split second, she must have shifted her weight or tried to roll over or something, but she flipped the carseat over and because she wasn't buckled it, she flipped with it. It went over the child's seat at the front of the cart and flipped into the back of the cart. She landed on the crown of her head. She started crying right away and I ran to pick her up. She seem more scared then anything as I couldn't see anything wrong. I quick got her in the car with the A/C on and quieted her down and then checked her over. She had 2 bumps on the crown of her head and a red/bruised mark in the shape of a square (the metal from the bottom of the cart). When I put her back in her seat she just kept crying so I rushed home and on the way called Chad to figure out what I should do. He said wait and she how she was when I got home and had her out of the car. When we got home I just held her and gave her her bottle. When she was done eating, she act like nothing ever happened, she was crawling around and getting into the dog bowls. I checked her eyes and they were normal and her pupils were doing what they were supposed to be doing. I had a dad at Keegan's school, who is a fire fighter and EMT check her out and he said she looks just fine. And at small group that night I had our friend Jen, who is a nurse check her out and she said she looked good and as long as the swelling doesn't get closer to her soft spot she is okay! She sure gave mommy quite a scare!!! We are now calling her our little gymnast. Besides that this week she has almost figured out how to get out of her bumbo seat and she has rolled over in her stroller and was just hanging out the end, just holding on to the straps!!! She is something else!!!!

Saturday, I set up everything outside and had a yard sale! We should a lot of stuff and made about $367!!! One person was interested in the washer and dryer also, so if she calls and we sell that, we will be up to about $600!!!not to shabby for a days work! Even though I have a ton of baby clothes left!!!

Today was church and now football. Speaking of football! How about them Badgers?? My mom sent Sophia a little badger outfit and Keegan some Green Bay Packer fingers from the game last week! Here is Sophia in her outfit!

I am helping out in the nursery for church and volunteered to help make our new name tags for the kids and teachers. That should keep me busy this week! I like being able to have the time to be able to help our new and great church family out! The kids were playing together this afternoon already. Keegan was coloring and Sophia wanted to get in the action too! Really I think she had more fun pulling his hair

Tomorrow Keegan has off of school so I am trying to figure out what to do. I was thinking about maybe going to find a place to go and pick apples, but we will see.

Everyone has had the sniffles and coughs here and we are slowly getting rid of them! I am thankful fall is on it's way, but even though I LOVE winter, I am dreading the colds and sickness that normally come with it!

That was our week up until today and maybe tomorrow! I have some milestone stuff that Sophia has accomplished that I will share later in the week! Hope everyone else had a GREAT week!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Short Answers

I don't think Keegan was in the mood for questions this afternoon!

Mommy: Where does electricity come from?
Keegan: My head

Mommy: Where does salt come from?
Keegan: From the store

Mommy: How many years have you been alive?
Keegan: Like 80-70nd

Mommy: How much money does Daddy make?
Keegan: like just $1

Mommy: What is your favorite kind of car?
Keegan: Hot wheels

Monday, September 14, 2009

Just some randomness

I really don't have to much to say but felt like blogging so here I go!

We found a really great church here in Annapolis. It is called Centerpoint. Kind of random and ironic how we found it. Driving to our house there was a road sign that said C-Kids advertising that they started their children's ministry. Chad joked because our church in Gulfport was Crosspoint! Ironic I think not. Crosspoint really opened our lives and hearts back up to God. It had been a long time since we had been attending any church before we started to go to Crosspoint. We miss and love our our CP family! We will be back to visit before long I think though! Anyway, so Chad saw the since and called Israel, the pastor at Crosspoint who we are good friends with, and said, "So I think we found our new church!" He was totally just joking because it had only been a week since we moved it. We kept saying, CP and CP, maybe?? We went to visit 2 churches that really weren't for us, so I said to Chad, " Let's just visit the one in the movie theater." We decided to try it out and we have found out new home. Centerpoint has just started out, they are only about 8 months old and reminds us a ton of our Crosspoint home! Young leadership who are passionate about what they do. I am getting to meet the other women and volunteered to work in the nursery and decided to join my first life group ever and do a Women's Bible study on Wednesday nights. I am pretty excited about our journey thus far and am excited that our children will grow up to love the Lord.

On another note...

Keegan has been doing GREAT in school. He loves it and everyday comes home with a new song or fingerplay that he has learned his teacher Mrs. Laverdiere is GREAT and loves the kids so much I can already tell after 2 weeks!

Sophia is now eating oatmeal cereal (you know I just realized now I never posted the pictures of her first time trying rice cereal! Naughty mommy!), holding her own bottle and getting into everything. I think she is starting to teeth already! The last couple of days she has been really crabby and whiny. I gave her 3 teething tablets yesterday and they did their job and helped her relax enough to sleep for a good 2 hours! She acted a little dopey after she woke up so this morning I only gave her 2. I just got done giving her some tylenol and she is out Chad's chest already!

I need to get some more new pictures on the computer and I will post them, along with the ones of Sophie trying cereal for the first time!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Just a quick note to everyone, apparently blogger for some reason thought my blog was a spam bot....not quite sure how that happened! So if you are seeing anything weird let me know! I have changed all passwords so it shouldn't happen again! Everything should be back up and running in the next couple of days!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

So We Don't forget

I have decided to take part in So We Don't Forget every week from Lynnette's blog. It is a GREAT way to remember things that have happened in our life as a family. This week the topic is:
Tell us about your first home after you were married.
*If you're not married - tell us about a home that you've lived in that you have special memories of.

Our first home after we were married was in San Diego. It actually was an apartment in El Cajun, CA. Chad and I were married in January 2002 and didn't actually live together until June 2002. After we got married he had to go back to the USS Constellation in San Diego and I had to finish up my last semester At UW-Oshkosh. Chad moved into our 1 bedroom, 1 bath apartment about a month early and started to set it up. He bought the bed, and living room furniture. It was a good first place for us. It had a living room, patio, small dining room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

It was nice because we got put in the area where most of the older people were so it was really quiet. It was also really good because Chad deployed about a month and a half after I got to San Diego and was gone for 7 months. I felt safe living around the older people. Even if we had one really weird lady that always wanted to be up in everyone's business!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shorts Answers Tuesday

Mommy: How tall are you?
Keegan: 4

Mommy: What are mom and dad doing when they pay bills?
Keegan: Paying the bills
what does that mean?
You get lots of money!

Mommy: What's the fanciest restaurant you have ever been to?
Keegan: Umm...i don't know
Fancy means where you dress up really nice.
Oh, Like a church one!

Mommy: Do you think you look more like Mommy or Daddy?
Keegan: Daddy!!
Because I have brown eyes like him.

Mommy: If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
Keegan: To Michael.

(his middle name is Michael)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

If you don't want your stuff wrecked...

...move it off the floor! Sophia is on her way to crawling. She is now army crawling all over the house! We can't look away for more than a minute without her getting into trouble! All of this at just 5 months and before she is sitting!!!

And here is my project I did for her room to go above the crib!

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