Monday, October 12, 2009

Our weekend

This weekend started out GREAT! We headed to fall fest at Kinderfarm Park. We had a ton of fun! Keegan got his face painted, we watched a dog frisbee contest, Keegan did some crafts and played some games. Even though the weather was off and on raining we had a good time! Fast forward to Sunday morning, we are ready for church and go out the car and Chad asked what the heck I did! I said nothing and looked in the car. The glove box was open, as was the middle console and sun glass holder! My car was broken into. The one time we forget to lock it!! Chad normally messes with me and keeps hitting the button trying to get me to hurry up! All they got was my gps, BUT the gps out here is our life! We don't know where anything is without it!!! I called and filed a police report and a claim through out insurance. I am supposed to get a call no later then today from the claims guy through our insurance, but this really sucks. It just gets me thinking, God will never give you more than you can handle, but are you serious God??? We are broke as it is, now this is one more thing to add on top of it!

We will be getting our new GPS as soon we get the check from our insurance! And hopefully I will be getting the job at buildabear that I interview for on Wednesday! It is just so hard to know because the only time we go home is the week of Christmas and that is when most retailers want people to work! I will be able to work Black Friday and all that so maybe that will make up for it! I hope, please send your prayers this way that I get this job!! I really need a job to help us out so we can have some extra money for Christmas and to be able to do fun things so we aren't so broke all the time!

oh yeah and check on the posts below with updated pictures of Sophie and videos of both the kiddos.

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Holly said...

Sorry to hear about car getting broken into it. It's good that your insurance will cover the GPS. And good luck with the job!!

The Runge Family said...

So we find out yesterday Insurance won't cover the GPS! I am beyond upset!!!