Monday, October 12, 2009

Sophia Picture updates!

Just wanted to finally post the pictures of Sophia doing her many things! I haven't been on much lately, things have been busy here, but here are the pictures:

Starting to get into trouble already!

Getting in to tight spots!

First time in the swings at the park!

Are you kidding me?? Pulling her self up to a stand already at 6 months! We are in trouble!

This is how she feeds herself now....that is when she decides to eat a whole bottle!

Going down for a nap with her baby doll!

And this is how I found her when she woke up!

Into more trouble!

And more trouble! She found the doggie bowls and water!

A special brother/sister time....don't let the picture tell any lies! This only lasted about 10 secs until she wanted to rip the paper!

Picture via Keegan! Sophia's first time using a sippy cup and she did pretty good!

Finally sitting up! 6 months!

4 Encouraging Words:

croleyc69 said...

Looks like my little one. She is getting in to alot lately & this past Friday she started crawling. For some reason Carly loves to play around the computer chair & where the hard drive sits. That's not good we move her & she goes right back. I think she is going to be like my oldest he walked at 9 months. Great pics & she is beautiful. :)

Sarah Heller said...

Mellissa, she is such a doll. I love her tongue sticking out in the swing! It is almost scarey how fast the second child (and so on) do things so fast! They have to keep up with older siblings and animals:) I will pray for you that she is not running by 10 months! HA!! You are so blessed with such an adorable little family:)

Holly said...

I loooooove the pictures of Sophia!!! A special treat for my day!

The Runge Family said...

Thanks ladies!

Holly, you are VERY welcome. You know I often think about you and how and what Carleigh would be doing right now!