Thursday, July 30, 2009

Playing in the yard

Keegan wanted to go play in the back yard so we set up the slip and slide for him to go on and Sophia and I hung out under one of the trees on a blanket. Keegan had a blast and Sophia laid in the grass for the first time!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

National Zoo

Keegan, Sophia and I decided to brave the metro last week Wednesday and head to the National Zoo. It was an overcast day, but we were hopeing to beat out the rain and make the best of it! The National Zoo has pandas and a new baby gorilla that Keegan was excited to see. Sophia did pretty good the whole day even though it was so hot!

Keegan waiting for the panda to come walk by him again.

Look mom!

Trying to take a self portrait.

What you looking at??

A crazy goat!

After the rain!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Some random pictures

Here are some random pictures from the last week or so!

They love each other!

Trying to sit up!

Hands in her mouth like always!

My cute little girl!

So tired!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


(Make sure you check out the next 3 or 4 posts! I just did a major update from the last 2 weeks or so!)

And so our adventures in DC begin!!! We park our car at the closest Metro station to our house, the Orange line, and took it in to the heart of the city! Keegan was so excited to ride on a fast train!! Sophia had her first ride on the fast train too!

We got off at The Mall and just decided to walk around! We started out by the Washington Monument! Here's Keegan and the pointy building in the distance.

Keegan and Sophia by the Monument. This is probably one of the best pictures we have of both of them together!

After the Washington Monument, we walked to the WWII Memorial. Keegan liked how everywhere we went, there was water and steps or a bench to sit on. He did a great job of all of the walking that we did. Sophia's Baby K'Tan hadn't come in the mail yet, so he had to walk while Sophie rode and slept most of the day!

Me and the kiddos at the WWII Memorial!

When we were done at the WWII Memorial, we walked past the nasty reflection pool...not sure they will really see any kind of reflection it it though because it is filty! Keegan was more interested in the geese than anything that we saw!

Look mom! I'm taller!

Chad wanted to check out the Vietnam Wall so we headed over there before hitting up the Lincoln Memorial...aka. The Big Guy! (That's what we kept calling it for Keegan)

Chad's photography...pretty good with just my point and shot! Next time he will bring a good camera!

We kept telling Keegan as we were getting closer to the Lincoln Memorial that there would be a lot of stairs! I don't think he really believed us!!!

Keegan and the big guy!

After the Lincoln memorial we decided that we better find some place to eat, which we learned the hard way that you need to walk a long way to get to. From now on we will be bringing another back pack with sandwiches and snacks and drinks and just do a picnic on the lawn!

On the way to lunch we passed the White House, we didn't know we were going to walk past it and were all hungry so we just snapped a quick picture and Keegan wanted to know why we didn't see Barock Obama(That's how Keegan has Barack, I didn't spell it wrong. He tells us, NO it is Barock!)

After lunch at the ESPN Zone, we were all much happier so we decided to hit up the Capitol Building. Really we just did a walk by on the way to the Metro, but we saw it!

Before we got to the Capital Building we seen the Navy Memorial so we decided to check it out. It was a good thing we did! Chad knew he had a couple pictures in a Navy Memorial somewhere in DC, but was sure where. Well, there was a Museum as part of the Memorial and we decided to take a look. We were in the right spot, we got to see the Seabee's display which had a bunch of pictures from Chad and the 2 other guys in his office. It was pretty cool to see his work in a setting like that.

Keegan and the Lone Sailor (It's not lonely any more!)

One of Chad's pictures!

His is the black and white one in the background.

Keegan hugging his new family!

Here's the capitol building on our way to the Metro!
Sophia waiting happily in the Metro station! She was in such a good mood!

Here's a video of Sophia talking up a storm! Her new thing is to just talk until she runs out of breath!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Random Pictures

Just sharing some randomness from the last couple of days!

Our stuff finally came and the tv got hooked up, while mommy and daddy unpacked boxes Keegan and Sophia relaxed!
Sophia's nursery finally set up some of the way! Here room was the first to be finished in the house! I have been waiting 5 + months to set this up!!!

First time laying in her crib!

This used to be Keegan's outfit, we got it from the Carney's before we knew what we were having!! I LOVE it!!

I love her eyes and really hope they stay that way! Can't wait to see what color her hair is really going to be, I think if it is dark like Keegan's even a little lighter and her eyes stay like this she will be so beautiful! (Not that I won't think that anyway!)

There's that smile that will make you melt!

2 of my favorite little people in the world!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sophie gets her ears pierced

We have been wanting to get Sophie's ears pierced since we got her 2 month shots, but never got around to doing it while we were still in Gulfport. We had sometime to kill Tuesday before our stuff came, so we thought why not? Let's get them done. She did GREAT. I was holding her and going to have her on my lap, but had to let daddy do it. I am okay with both kiddos getting shots and when they have to go to the doctors and stuff, but for some reason, I think because we were the ones who decided to have this done, I didn't want to hold her to hear her cry...but she barely did! The lady marked her ears and then did them one at a time. The first one she didn't like having her head held still and started whining and cried less than when she got her first shots! It was more of a startle cry than anything. Then when they did the next one, she started crying right away because she knew what was coming, but then again she only cried for about a minute and was fine! She looks like such a big girl!

Here are some from a couple nights later! She is getting to be so strong and LOVES being on her belly! I love it because she sleeps ALL night long if she is on her belly!