Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Naval Academy

(I am going to be doing a couple of posts seeing as I haven't had time.)

Chad didn't have to check in to work until Friday, so Monday while we were waiting for our stuff to get to the new house we walked around the Academy to kind of learn the layout and for Chad to find his office. We got to see a bunch of the plebes (the freshman at the Academy) marching and doing their formations. Keegan thought it was so cool! They do some parades on the campus every so often so I am going to have Chad let us know when one is and I will take him so he can see it. We seen all the cool looking buildings and all the old, historical housing that some of the officers live in on the base.
When we finally found Chad's office, which is in an old guard shack...the oldest 2 buildings on the campus, we met the rest of this office. Here are some of the pictures from our first adventures in Annapolis!

Keegan sick of walking!

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