Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sophie gets her ears pierced

We have been wanting to get Sophie's ears pierced since we got her 2 month shots, but never got around to doing it while we were still in Gulfport. We had sometime to kill Tuesday before our stuff came, so we thought why not? Let's get them done. She did GREAT. I was holding her and going to have her on my lap, but had to let daddy do it. I am okay with both kiddos getting shots and when they have to go to the doctors and stuff, but for some reason, I think because we were the ones who decided to have this done, I didn't want to hold her to hear her cry...but she barely did! The lady marked her ears and then did them one at a time. The first one she didn't like having her head held still and started whining and cried less than when she got her first shots! It was more of a startle cry than anything. Then when they did the next one, she started crying right away because she knew what was coming, but then again she only cried for about a minute and was fine! She looks like such a big girl!

Here are some from a couple nights later! She is getting to be so strong and LOVES being on her belly! I love it because she sleeps ALL night long if she is on her belly!

3 Encouraging Words:

croleyc69 said...

She looks like a little lady & my little Carly sleeps all nite to on her belly. I check her alot but she seems happier that way. :)

Holly said...

Aw, I always wanted to get Kyndra's done but I never got around to doing it. She's at the age now where I think she might pull at them if we got them do so I think I will just hafta wait. :( She's looks so cute!

Jennifer =) said...