Wednesday, July 8, 2009


(I am going to be doing a couple of posts seeing as I haven't had time.)

The movers came Tuesday and Wednesday. They only brought 2 people to pack us up and then 3 to finish packing and load the truck. It was sad seeing everything get boxed up and exciting that a new adventure was about to begin!

Pasted out after day one of packing!

Getting in her last couple of swings before her favorite thing gets packed up!

Boxes lining the drive-way

Hanging out on the floor

Keegan and Daddy eating cold pizza on the counter!

2 Encouraging Words:

croleyc69 said...

Cute pics & I Love cold PIZZA !!! Looks yummy !!!!!

Holly said...

That's a lot of boxes!! Aw, Keegan is so tired and Sophia is so cute! :) Mmmm pizza..