Monday, July 6, 2009

The Day of Sophia's Surgery!

Sophia's surgery went GREAT! Sorry I didn't post about it sooner. We went in at 6am on Wednesday morning. The nurse took us straight back to her room and started to get all the paper work filled out and got her first vitals. They had the hardest time getting her pulse and oxygen levels because their machine was I think the oldest one I have ever seen! After they did that the anesthesiologist's nurse came in to go over everything with us again. Everyone that came in kept saying how cute she was and that she was the talk of the floor that day! Everyone wanted to take her home! Then Dr. McMurphy came in and talked to us and explain the procedure over again and said it would take only about 5 minutes from start to finish! After she came in we were waiting on one more signature from the OR nurse. She finally came in and we found out that we wouldn't have to wait in her little room, but there was a peds. waiting room right off of the recovery room that had a tv and everything, that way when she was done both of us could go with her in recovery. That was different from what they told me at the appointment the day before. Anyway, after that the OR nurse and the anesthesiologiest's nurse (who carried Sophia) tok us to the waiting room and went with Sophia, we were kind of upset because we went one way and the nurse went a different way and they didn't let us kiss her goodbye. We sat down, I turned the tv on and it wasn't even 10 minutes later and the Recovery room nurse came and asked us if we were ready. I looked at Chad and both of us were like, ready for what? I said, "She's ready?" and the nurse said "Yes" They were going to have her in a crib in the recovery room, but instead had a little chair for me to sit in and they let me hold her while she was waking up. It took her about 10 mins to wake up from the anestheia and then she had to show them she could eat a bottle before they wheeled us down to her room. She was so happy and kept smiling and sticking out her tongue! It was too cute. Everything seems to be going good now. They only thing I will be doing is calling tomorrow because they did say she would just have a little white and yellow scab for about 1 -2 days and the whole bottom of her tongue and under her tongue is yellow and white. She hasn't had a fever at all really so I don't think it is infected, just would like to have them look at it. Better safe than sorry, especially because we are leaving in 4 days!!!! Here are some pictures from the surgery:

Daddy and Sophie before waiting for the nurses and Drs. (And yes, Chad has a black eye from softball!)

Blowing bubbles before surgery, notice how you can barely see her tongue sticking out.

Daddy and Sophia again! I think he was playing her music!

Trying to get a nap in before surgery!

In the recovery room, she was OUT!

Happy, back in her room

Look at the Tongue now!!!

Relaxing after surgery!

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croleyc69 said...

Oh she is soooooo cute & I'm so glad things went well. I have been praying for you all. HUGS :)

Holly said...

I'm so glad it all went well. She's got a cute little tongue!