Sunday, September 27, 2009

What a week!!

What a week it has been!! Where do I start??

Last Friday night we headed to the Anne Arundel County fair! We all had a pretty good time! Chad and I had crab cake sandwiches and Keegan had a cheeseburger. Then walked around and looked at the animals and all the stands, which for as big of a county that it is, the fair was pretty small. And then of course we headed off to the rides! We had to talk Keegan on to going on to the first big ride. He was excited to go on all his little rides, it was just this one that he wasn't sure of. We finally got him on it And he was excited!

Monday it was back to school for Keegan and I started to get ready for my yard sale while Keegan was at school and Sophia slept! After school we spent the day outside waiting for Daddy to get home. Keegan got out his tball stuff and was playing ball while Sophia and I sat in the grass and watched.

Wednesday was a scary. I was debating whether to write about this or not, but hey other people could learn from my lesson so why not. I was with Sophia at the Commissary (grocery store for the nonmilitary folks). Keegan was at school. Sophia started to get fussy so I took her out car seat and was carrying where while the cashier figured out why the register kept telling her Sophia's formula wasn't a WIC item. After we finally finished checking out I put her back in her seat without buckling her in and went out to the car. I had put all the groceries away and turned to open the car door to put Sophia in. In that split second, she must have shifted her weight or tried to roll over or something, but she flipped the carseat over and because she wasn't buckled it, she flipped with it. It went over the child's seat at the front of the cart and flipped into the back of the cart. She landed on the crown of her head. She started crying right away and I ran to pick her up. She seem more scared then anything as I couldn't see anything wrong. I quick got her in the car with the A/C on and quieted her down and then checked her over. She had 2 bumps on the crown of her head and a red/bruised mark in the shape of a square (the metal from the bottom of the cart). When I put her back in her seat she just kept crying so I rushed home and on the way called Chad to figure out what I should do. He said wait and she how she was when I got home and had her out of the car. When we got home I just held her and gave her her bottle. When she was done eating, she act like nothing ever happened, she was crawling around and getting into the dog bowls. I checked her eyes and they were normal and her pupils were doing what they were supposed to be doing. I had a dad at Keegan's school, who is a fire fighter and EMT check her out and he said she looks just fine. And at small group that night I had our friend Jen, who is a nurse check her out and she said she looked good and as long as the swelling doesn't get closer to her soft spot she is okay! She sure gave mommy quite a scare!!! We are now calling her our little gymnast. Besides that this week she has almost figured out how to get out of her bumbo seat and she has rolled over in her stroller and was just hanging out the end, just holding on to the straps!!! She is something else!!!!

Saturday, I set up everything outside and had a yard sale! We should a lot of stuff and made about $367!!! One person was interested in the washer and dryer also, so if she calls and we sell that, we will be up to about $600!!!not to shabby for a days work! Even though I have a ton of baby clothes left!!!

Today was church and now football. Speaking of football! How about them Badgers?? My mom sent Sophia a little badger outfit and Keegan some Green Bay Packer fingers from the game last week! Here is Sophia in her outfit!

I am helping out in the nursery for church and volunteered to help make our new name tags for the kids and teachers. That should keep me busy this week! I like being able to have the time to be able to help our new and great church family out! The kids were playing together this afternoon already. Keegan was coloring and Sophia wanted to get in the action too! Really I think she had more fun pulling his hair

Tomorrow Keegan has off of school so I am trying to figure out what to do. I was thinking about maybe going to find a place to go and pick apples, but we will see.

Everyone has had the sniffles and coughs here and we are slowly getting rid of them! I am thankful fall is on it's way, but even though I LOVE winter, I am dreading the colds and sickness that normally come with it!

That was our week up until today and maybe tomorrow! I have some milestone stuff that Sophia has accomplished that I will share later in the week! Hope everyone else had a GREAT week!

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Holly said...

The fair is always fun with all the food and rides. I'm glad that Sophia is ok!! I bet that was really scary! I've def learned it only takes a sec for them to be getting into trouble somehow or getting themselves hurt.

You did great on the yard sale. That's awesome!

Lynnette Kraft said...

Very cute pics.

I just wanted to say how much I appreciated your prayers for Harrison. It meant a lot to me to know that so many were praying.

croleyc69 said...

I've been busy & am so behind on my blog reading. I seen on Cafe Mom where Sophia had a little crash. Glad everything is ok. Carly is really moving lots too. A couple weeks ago getting ready to take Jennifer to school at noon & just sat Carly in her carseat on the floor & she tipped it backwards. That scared me. Glad you did so good on the yard sale !!