Sunday, September 6, 2009


(very picture heavy!)

Chad's mom, brother and sister came to visit at the end of August, I am just now getting around to really looking at all the pictures and writing about it as both kids are napping so I finally have sometime without getting interrupted.

While they were here visiting we went to DC twice, Baltimore, Tour the Naval Academy, walked around Annapolis and the kids and I joined them and some more of Chad's family in Rehoboth Beach, DE.

We toured the Naval Academy and had lunch at Drydock, a restaurant at the academy that has GREAT sandwiches! Chad had to work, but went along with us on the tour because he still doesn't know too much about the base and one of his Friends, RP1, did the tour for us.

The whole gang(I am wearing Sophie)

That's my crazy husband

T Court, all the Mids (midshipmen) were getting ready for lunch

Had to add this one in here, it was Sophia's first time sitting in a highchair at a restaurant! She did pretty good considering she doesn't sit up by herself yet.

On Tuesday, Keegan, Sophia, Janice (Chad's mom), Andy (his brother), Natalie (his sister) and I headed an hour and half away to Rehoboth Beach, DE. Chad's cousin Becca has a beach house there and a bunch of the family was getting together for the week and invited all of us to come too. We spent 3 days there and the kids and I met a bunch of Chad's family that we had never met. They were all so friendly and nice. It was a great 3 days and the Beach House was BEAUTIFUL! Becca invited us to come back whenever we want now that we are so close!! Thanks Becca! Here's some pictures of our 3 days in Rehoboth!

The Bay Bridge! I am afraid bridges and driving over this one really freaks me out!

Here are pictures of the house!

This is the blue room where Keegan, Sophia and I stayed.

Our Bathroom

Bea and Christian

Blue eyed girls, Sophia and Christina

Can you tell they are related?? Cousins, Bea and Keegan
All the kids
Katie was like a little mommy with Sophie!

With Becca
All the girls, Bea, Christina, Natalie (Chad's sister), Sophia, Katie

The boys
All the kids in their Rehoboth shirts from Becca and Aunt Rose

After 3 days at Rehoboth Beach we spent a day walking around the museums in DC and another day doing a bus tour in DC. We also spent a day in Baltimore at the Aquarium. Chad and I got a family membership while they were here for the aquarium and are so happy we did. We already took advantage of it and went this past weekend. The last day they went walking around downtown Annapolis, which was really nice. Oh and I almost forgot! The boys, Chad, Keegan and Andy went to see the Brewers beat the Nationals! We all had a GREAT time and we were glad that they came to visit!

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croleyc69 said...

Sounds & looks like you all of you had a good time. That beach house was beautiful. I wouldn't want to drive over that bridge either. Thanx for sharing !!! :)