Monday, September 14, 2009

Just some randomness

I really don't have to much to say but felt like blogging so here I go!

We found a really great church here in Annapolis. It is called Centerpoint. Kind of random and ironic how we found it. Driving to our house there was a road sign that said C-Kids advertising that they started their children's ministry. Chad joked because our church in Gulfport was Crosspoint! Ironic I think not. Crosspoint really opened our lives and hearts back up to God. It had been a long time since we had been attending any church before we started to go to Crosspoint. We miss and love our our CP family! We will be back to visit before long I think though! Anyway, so Chad saw the since and called Israel, the pastor at Crosspoint who we are good friends with, and said, "So I think we found our new church!" He was totally just joking because it had only been a week since we moved it. We kept saying, CP and CP, maybe?? We went to visit 2 churches that really weren't for us, so I said to Chad, " Let's just visit the one in the movie theater." We decided to try it out and we have found out new home. Centerpoint has just started out, they are only about 8 months old and reminds us a ton of our Crosspoint home! Young leadership who are passionate about what they do. I am getting to meet the other women and volunteered to work in the nursery and decided to join my first life group ever and do a Women's Bible study on Wednesday nights. I am pretty excited about our journey thus far and am excited that our children will grow up to love the Lord.

On another note...

Keegan has been doing GREAT in school. He loves it and everyday comes home with a new song or fingerplay that he has learned his teacher Mrs. Laverdiere is GREAT and loves the kids so much I can already tell after 2 weeks!

Sophia is now eating oatmeal cereal (you know I just realized now I never posted the pictures of her first time trying rice cereal! Naughty mommy!), holding her own bottle and getting into everything. I think she is starting to teeth already! The last couple of days she has been really crabby and whiny. I gave her 3 teething tablets yesterday and they did their job and helped her relax enough to sleep for a good 2 hours! She acted a little dopey after she woke up so this morning I only gave her 2. I just got done giving her some tylenol and she is out Chad's chest already!

I need to get some more new pictures on the computer and I will post them, along with the ones of Sophie trying cereal for the first time!

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croleyc69 said...

Glad you found a church you like. Glad Keegan is doing good in school & all. Also glad Sophia is doing well. :)