Friday, April 17, 2009

Mellissa and Sophia Dr. appt update

Sophia and I had Doctor's appointments this week.

I had mine on Wednesday, I just had to run up to labor and delivery for my blood pressure check. After them forgetting about me, which was good and bad at the same time cause my friend Andrea had her baby so she took a walk to visit me a couple doors down, they took it twice and it was still alittle high. So I asked the Dr. Medina about staying on my blood pressure meds and he said at least one more week so I have to go back next Wednesday. However, my blood pressure was really low twice this afternoon and then went back to around normal (a little higher) so Chad suggested I not take my pill tomorrow and see how I do. Hopefully the pre-eclampsia has finally cured itself and I don't have to worry about it anymore. I do still get my headaches though, but I go to neurology on Monday for that.

Sophia's appointment was on Thursday. If I would have really looked at her appointment paper I probably would have rescheduled it because the Dr she was scheduled with is one that I don't really like. Anyway, she is still an oz below her birth weight, so she is 6lbs 13oz. I basicly got yelled at for that because she should be eating more, but whatever. She is happy with her 2 oz every 3 hours and spits up the 3rd oz if we give it to her. Then the Dr. tried telling me that she wants her by her 2 month appt. to be drinking 6-8oz. Keegan never got past 4 oz a feeding. Also her eye is still red and swollen so she looked at that, doesn't really know what it is so we go back Monday for that also and if it is still swollen she said she will send us to the eye dr. You can tell in most of the pictures, it is her left eye. Other than that she is doing good. Oh and Labor and Delivery measured her wrong cause she was 19 1/2 inches, and I don't think she grew an inch and a half in 2 weeks. I seen them measure her this time and I know this one is more accurate. Other than that, things are going good with her. She does have an umbilical hernia, but it doesn't look to bad so it should be okay. We really only notice when she is cold or cries.

That is our update for now. My mom and grandma will be on their way later tonight and get here tomorrow, so look for more pictures and all!

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