Friday, April 10, 2009

First of the visitors

Chad's dad got here this afternoon and is the first of the visitors that we will be having. Keegan is so happy that his grandpa is here! Sophia doesn't know what is going on but she gets to be spoiled! Other than that, we got out of the house today to go look for a premie dress to fit her for Easter Sunday but had no luck. I wanted her looking all cute and girly, but I guess what will have to wait. We are also working on trying to get her and Keegan dedicated in the next couple of Sundays! Chad is reenlisting this up and coming week, I have a dr. appt, Sophia has her appt. and then my mom and grandma come to visit for a week. We will be having a busy rest of the month and of course you will all be updated. And oh yeah, Sophia's cord fell off this afternoon so she can finally have her first real bath!!! Look forward to those pictures!

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