Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter everyone! We had a lot of fun! Chad's dad was in town so he helped Keegan dye Easter eggs. Keegan had a blast and had been asking to dye them for 2 days straight!!! He made everyone eggs with their name on them! Here are some pictures of him dyeing the eggs!

Saturday, the base had their Easter Egg Hunt. If you get a golden egg, you get a prize! Keegan got one of them (with a little help from mommy). He also got to jump in the jump house, get a tattoo, ride on the train with his best buddy Brodie, play games for prizes and play on the playground. When he turned his ticket in for his prize he was mad cause it was a baby toy! Not quite sure why they had all baby leap frog toys for the age group 0-4 when most of the kids were 3 and 4, oh well. He likes his bus now!

Keegan and his ticket

On the train with Brodie

Mad about the baby toy!

Keegan and Grandpa Denny waiting to play games

Sophia relaxing and getting some sun for her jaundice

The Easter bunny came Sunday morning and hid eggs all over the living room! Then sent Keegan on a mission to find his basket which he finally found in the dryer. The bunny surprised him with a transformer that he has been wanting, Bumble Bee, a nerf shooter gun and a new monster truck and a bunch of yummy jelly belly jelly beans and some elmons (aka M&M's). After the hunt for his stuff, Chad, Grandpa Denny, Sophia, Keegan and I got ready for church. I tried on Friday to find a premie Easter dress for Sophie but that didn't work out so good! So she wore the outfit daddy got for her. Keegan looked handsome like normal!

Finding eggs in Sophie's swing

His basket in the dryer

My 2 cute kiddos!!!

Sophia dressed up for Easter

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