Friday, April 10, 2009

Sophia update

I thought I would quick before I forgot post a weight updated and jaundice updated. On Monday before I was admited, she was 6lbs 8.8 oz. Which is what she was when we left the hospital on Saturday and her jaundice level was 14.5 or something like that, it was 9.something when we left. Wednesday when I was let go her weight was 6lbs 9oz and her jaundice level was 13 so it went down a little. She goes in for her 2 week check up on the 16th! I still can't believe she is a week old already!!!

In the swing

Ready for church, looking pretty

Keegan being a big helper while mommy was in the hospital, helping daddy

Looking so much like Keegan!

He loves his sister!

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