Friday, April 10, 2009

Sophia's Birth Story

Everything started Monday March 30th. I had a WIC appt that we (Keegan and I ) sat around for 3 hours for!!! My ankles have been swelling on and off for the last 2 or 3 weeks so I didn't think anything of how swollen they were. Finally after getting home after the appt. Keegan went to

watch a movie and Chad and I swere watching a different one in the living room. I just so happened to roll my pants leg up and realized I was swollen on my calfs. Decided to take a warm bath and then go and put them up. When I got in the tub, I just happened to push on my legs and both calfs up to my knees left indents for about a minute! It was gross. I called to Chad and he said to go lay in bed and put them up with ice. I did that and then went to sleep.

Woke up Tuesday, March 31st morning and my legs wer e still the same. After not being sure what to do, if it was just normal swelling or if I should call, I decided to call Women's Health and leave a message for the nurse. She suggested after I told her what was going on to go to Labor and Delivery or Dr. Medina had an appt open and that if I took that appt I should still be ready to stay awhile because he would probably send me up to labor and delivery anyway for a NonStress Test and all that stuff. Well my appt. was at 10:45 so I am running around before like nothing is going on, running errands and stuff. We get to the appt. (Keegan is with me, cause Chad is at work) and they take my blood pressure, 145/90, that is the highest it had been,weight me 201, then Dr. Medina comes in and asks a bunch of questions especially about the headache I had started to get on the d rive to the hospital. Then he takes a look at my legs.....pokes them once sees the indent and says, I am sending you up to labor and delivery, you will probably b e there awhile for a NST and IF they send you home you will probably be back. He kept saying IF, like he knew I would be having her sometime in the next day or so.

Before I go up to labor and delivery, I had to run to the lab to do a urine test and blood tests. Then I head up to labor and delivery, Col. Paden (my midwife) was on duty that day so she was up there. They hooked me up to the machines and about 20 mins later she walks in and is like What are you doing up here? Let me see these legs that everyone is talking about! So she does the reflex test and I was a +3 which is pretty bad, I was basicly almost kicking her in the face! LOL Then I find out I am having contractions, pretty good ones about every 3-5 mins that I am not feeling. Paden kept debating about inducing because I had just turned 37 weeks the day before. AFter about an hour and 30 mins she moved me to an exam room and did an ultrasound to check the fluid level around Sophia and asked, what are we having again? And I said well we have been told 2 times girl and she confirmed that, which made me happy because I was so afraid she was going to come out a boy. The fluid level looked good, so she checked me and I was still at 1 cm so she asked if she could strip my membranes to try and get things going, that way if I went into labor on my own they didn't have to make the decission about inducing. After she did that, she got back on the phone with Dr. Baacke, the head of Women's Health and a Fetal Specialist and gave me some tylenol for my headache. She came back in like 10 mins later and said, after talking with Dr. Baacke, they didn't want to induce right then and there, they told me to go home, get something to eat to possibly help my headache, lay on my side and if in 2-3 more h ours I felt like crap to call and come right back and and they would more than likely induce. I went home, stopped to get some McDonald's, went home ate in bed, laid down for and fell asleep for about an hour and half and woke up with a headache even worse. So around 5 (I got home around 130-2ish) I called Labor and Delivery, told them what was going on and they told me to come right back in. So Chad and I got Keegan ready to go to Tori's house and then Chad had to stop and get some snacks and a book, we finally made it to labor and delivery around 7. They took me first to a tirage room and was there for about an hour, still pumping out small contractions I wasn't feeling and when they checked I was almost a 2 so stripping my membranes helped alittle. After an hour or b eing in the triage area they decided to induce because of possible pre eclampsia so I got moved to a labor and delievery room.

Everything from there started to happen kind of fast, I got rehooked up to the monitors and Paden inserted a Foley Balloon into my cervix. That is what dialates you to a 4 and when it gets to a 4 it falls out. That was around 8:30ish. I started having some smaller contractions that I was starting to feel. I was getting checked on every 30 mins, getting my blood pressure check and everything (it was still kind of high) They kept asking why I wasn't resting. Let's see, having some painful contractions I can feel, my blood pressure cuff going off every 30 mins and then the nurse (who I LOVED) coming in to check on me. At one time, Sophia's heartrate dropped down to the 80's and about 5 nurses ran into check what was going on, but she was just moving around and didn't want to stay on the monitor. Around 2am I had the nurse help me to the bathroom, it took awhile for me to go and when I finally did the foley balloon fell out. I had to call the nurse(good thing she was still in my room) because I had no idea what to do!!! She said, that is a good sign, helped me back to bed and went to get Paden. I was dialated to almost 5 and they said when I needed to I could get the epidural! I lasted till I think about 5am or so and then needed it. Chad kept saying are you sure? I was like definately time. So Chad leaves the room cause he can't stand needles and they start the epidural. After 5 pokes in one spot to find out that epidural space was too small and 3 more pokes higher up they got it working. Made me feel so much better!!! Around 7:45am-8 ish the epidural started wearing off on the left side and I could feel everything on the left and nothing on the right. They brough a different dr in and he said we can either give you move meds or redo the epi. I decided for the more meds. At 815am they checked me because I started throwing up and they said that was a good sign, I was 7 cm and my water broke. There was meconime (sp) in it so they told me when it was time they didn't want her to breathe so the could suction her out. The dr. came and put more meds into my epidural, which didn't help at at. Around 8:30, I was in tears cause it hurt so much and I was feeling pressure so I told Chad he needed to go get the nurse. He was about the push the call button and I yelled at him saying I couldn't talk through that and he needed to get them now!!! As my new nurse (who was also awesome) was coming in a different nurse came in asking if I was the one that felt like pushing ans she told her no (the girl next to me was). She then checked me and was like WOW you are complete!!!! So she had me do one push just to see and told me to stop she was going to get Dr. Kiprano who had just come on to duty. They started to get everything ready and I felt like I was going to be sick again. So Sat up with help, got sick, then they laid me down and had me push again. I pushed 1 and 1/2 times and the nurse told me to stop because Sophia's head was half way out! She yelled for Dr. Kiprano and in one more push Sophia was born at 8:45am. She was 6lbs 14oz and 18 inches long.

Sophia Rose just born!

All Cleaned off!

I didn't tear at all which was GREAT. They got her all suctioned out and good. They had some problems getting the placenta out but they said that is because I progressed so fast, Dr. Kiprano had to hold some pressure because I was bleeding quite a bit too. AFter all of that though everything was good.

Keegan Meeting Sophia for the first time!

Mommy and her kiddos!Daddy and Sophia

Keegan holding Sophia for the first timeHappy family!

The next day around 5pm they took my blood pressure and it was way to high so they had to start me on Mag. Sulfate for 24 hours and blood pressure meds. It seemed to help and I had to stay 48 extra hours so on Saturday we were finally released. They told us to come back Monday for a Jandice and weight check on Sophia.

Monday I took Sophia in and told them how I was feeling and about my headache. They asked when the last time I had my blood pressure checked and I told them Saturday when I was discharged. Well the took it and it was 165/108 and my reflexes were +3! The nurse ran to call the dr. and within 5 mins I was readmitted. They rushed and got the hard parts of the bed covered in case I would have a seizure, took my pressure again and it was like 165/ 110!!! They started the Mag and I was back in the hospital for another 48 hours! While I was there they did an ultrasound of my liver and I had some fatty bright spots so I had to get a ct scan, which came back clear even though the ultrasound showed stuff. I finally got to come home Wednesday. I am on blood pressure meds for at least another week when I go back to get checked and they told me to make another appt. with nuero to get some different meds for my headaches.

So That is Sophia's story, sorry it is so long!

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