Monday, January 11, 2010

October Picture Review

Sophia in October was starting to pull up to a stand! She was 6 months old!

Having fun on a rainy day at Fall Fest at Kinderfarm Park!

Our Hershey day trip with Cara!

Fun with Grandma Wendy and Great Grandma.

Happy Halloween everyone!

3 Encouraging Words:

croleyc69 said...

What beautiful pictures. Sophia is getting so big. Thanx for sharing all those. Keegan is so cute too. I bet he is a great big brother.

The Runge Family said...

Thanks caroline! I have been away for a while so I want to get back in the swing of blogging! My family members keep checking it and yelling at me cause there is nothing new! LOL

Holly said...

Aw, look at their Halloween costumes!! Keegan is decked out!