Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wisconsin Trip pictures (FINALLY)

I know we were in WI like a month ago, but I never got to post any pictures! We headed up there for Chad's Dad's wedding and to visit all of the family! It was the first chance for most of them to meet Sophia! Here are just a few pictures from our trip!

This is what it is ALWAYS like when we are at that Boinski's! All the boys do is wrestle!

Chad and Peanut!

Brooke and Sophie

At the children's museum in Milwaukee, fixing a car! Pretty soon he can fix my car for me!

Sophia and Grandma Jannie

Andy trying out the MRE Chad brought home, eggs! yummy! NOT!!

Keegan with Bernie Brewer

$1 hot dogs!!!
The Runge Clan! Mellissa, Sophia, Grandpa Denny, Newest member Grandma Kay, Chad and Keegan

With the newly weds!
Happy family of 4

With the grandkids

Daddy and the kiddos

Cutting the grass at Grandpa and Grandma Larsen's

At the train museum in Green Bay

Great Grandma Larsen

Bath in the sink in GB

Door County

Grandma Wendy and Sophie in Door County

Keegan and the Goats on the roof!

Notice the water splashing?? Chad got me soaked!! I should have tipped the boat!

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Holly said...

I liked seeing your pics!