Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blue Berry Picking and The Pool

Today for playgroup we went blueberry picking in the HOT HOT HOT Mississippi heat! It might have been hot but we had a ton of fun. It was fill a bucket for $12, we didn't get a whole bucket full, but got $10 worth of fresh organic blueberries that are so sweet! I already put them in 2 different bags and put some in the freezer. The bag in the freezer is supposed to be for my mom to make Jelly, but I don't think they will last, they are too good to not eat!!! Keegan had a blast trying to find the big blue ones and then running with the rest of the boys to go and make the turkeys gobble! It was about 98 degrees outside today and that was without the heat index!

Keegan showing me the big blueberry he found!

Trying to keep Sophia out of the sun, but in the fun too! She loves being in her Baby K'Tan! Thanks so much to Stacy for letting me borrow it!! I really need to get my own!!

Keegan and Hailey and the blueberry guy! He was showing them the big ones and said you couldn't pick blueberries without eating as you went!

Keegan carried the bucket for us!!!

After the blueberry picking and lunch we decided to head down to to the pool. We have been there for at least an hour everyday this week! It is just way to hot to not enjoy it! Here are some pictures from the last 2 days!

Keegan relaxing for a bit! It is so hard to get him to sit for even just a minute! He is a little fish!

Sophia taking a break and letting her toes get unwrinkled!

Big smiles!! She is such a happy baby and so easy going!

Enjoying her new floaty! She is still to little for it and I have to hold her up, but at least it gives me something to be kind of hands free in!

In the little kids pool! Keegan loves it because he can swim without his life jacket!

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